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As we worked our way through life, work hard play hard style just like a bunch of other folks our age, we spent basically not a single minute on a couch. At least I didn’t, and I couldn’t picture anyone else having one minute to themselves.

It was get up, take a shower, go to work.

Working ‘till midnight and party starts from there. Then get in bed, out bed and start it all over. We even had weeks where we would skip some nights all together. Any sex, drugs & rock and roll? Of course not! No time! No, JK, how the hell else was this all satisfying.  Let’s say, we worked hard, and we played hard(er).

One can simply not have enough of the thing one doesn’t actually need.

I don’t think that any of this is very unique in the global, twenty-four-seven economy that makes up this world. These days people my age fall to pieces with early signs, hell even full blown signs of a severe burn-out. Of course it’s not the work itself that causes all these problems, it’s the way that we handle these problems.

There’s two sides to every story. Laziness is one of the things that this society rejects, just as the concept of nothing, or being bored. Hence society’s constant run, sometimes even literally, from one appointment to another, one job to another, even running through relationships, friendships, pets, houses…This constant idea of not wanting to miss out on life, wanting to participate in everything too afraid to miss the train direction: what they call life.

Of course. There’s scientific research done that proves that relationships are merely done growing after seven years. Change is good. There’s even a mathematical explanation for the absolute necessity of action and reaction, wrinkles on the water, sparks in someone’s eyes.

But. I want to plea not to throw away a bit of laziness, a bit of boredom in our lives. If a kid’s not bored from time to time how will it become creative? In our laziness we recognise the joy of being active, moving forward in our lives.

it gives us the chance to literally sit back and relax, because we feel we deserve it.

Not directing, but simply acting the films of our lives. Acting without acting, isn’t that beautiful. Just going forwards, not looking backwards, is what most people understand when they try and avoid laziness, to get the most out of each day. I’d like to postpone that there’s another way. There’s a whole world in our minds that can be discovered. That moves up the scale of things u ever wanted to take part in towards whole new levels. How can someone be open minded if one is not minded at all?

Open your eyes, time to wake up!

And the way to do so, is forever there, the NOW never parts our way.

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