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Written by Christiana de roo

In this category we introduce outstanding travellers who are on a mission to change the world for the better. This read is meant to inspire you and others. Perhaps you’d do the same, follow your dream. Below we’d love to share Vikki and Frankie’s story. 


Vikki and Francesco are best described as passionate teachers. They have been travelling over five years, and lived in Namibia for the last two. Francesco, better known as Frankie, is a semi-professional surfer. Vikki has a background in expressive arts, and advocates the importance of drama in schools of Africa. She directed a play in their school in Walvis Bay, titled ‘the Chronicles of Nambia’.

From their experiences teaching, they learnt how culturally rich Africa is, having a population of 60% children. The future of the continent is in their hands. And it is this insight, that inspired their Vanderful project . Executed by the Seeds of Hope ODV, Italy.

Their goal is to plant ‘seeds of hope’, across the Atlantic African coast. Driving their Volkswagen Kombi up the entire west coast of Africa. Implementing workshops in Expressive Arts, watersports and craftsmanship.

The Vanderful team wishes to reach out to those, who need it most. Together with their siblings, a cat Zuzu, and a dog Bronzo they begin their epic journey in June. Collaborating with Angola Waves in Cabo Ledo, Luanda, the Vanderful team wishes to welcome children from nearby Townships into their workshop program. Along with their collaboration in Angola they have already established further partnerships in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Sao Tome and the Gambia.

Through the workshops children can learn to express themselves, gain confidence and insights in their lives and that of others around them. Surfing as well as drama has scientifically proven qualities that can help overcome trauma.

On April 7th Vanderful launched it’s official GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign, which reached over a thousand in one day, with a goal of 5000 euro to fund the first project.

You can follow, help or get to know Vanderful more through their Website, Facebook and Instagram. Or donate what you can

Our Society supports Vanderful – seeds of hope across Africa. And will be following the journey and sharing stories that need to be heard.

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