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Demonstration Berlin 13.10.2018 #UNTEILBAR ~ UNDIVIDABLE

According to the organization, 242,000 people attended the #UNTEILBAR demonstration on Saturday at Alexanderplatz, Berlin.  That’s way more than the estimated 40,000. The left winged Berliners were protesting the uprising right winged sentiments in Germany. They were going against the imminent isolation of Europe, for the integration of refugees, and for civil rights.

The demonstration was peaceful. Slogans like “If there was war here, I would flee. And you?” and “Try it with love.” were supporting an anti xenophobic sound. Berlin was the second demonstration this month. Earlier this month on October 3rd a big demonstration was held in Münich. However Berlin’s protest was one of the biggest in years.

“Years it was unthinkable for the extreme right to play a part in politics. Nowadays they do, and they are even the third biggest party. We haven’t gone out on the street since the eighties, but we feel we have no choice today.” A sixty year old couple explained why they went out, and attended the demonstration. They shared the fear a  extreme right winged party like AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) will bring back sentiments that were long taboo in Germany.

Saturday the German people wanted to let intolerant people know that there’s an even bigger group of people that are tolerant. And they succeeded. The sky was thrilling with energy. People young and old, from all over Germany and outside were represented. People were happy to see that they aren’t alone in their beliefs. The protest had very much a feeling of “never again”.

Earlier this week a Caïpoeira player in Brasil was murdered after stating he wasn’t going to vote for Bolsonaro. So a group of Brasilians living in Berlin came together on saturday and protested against the extremist atmosphere in Brasil as well. This protest wasn’t just protesting sentiments in Germany. This protest was a sign that people from all over the world are not supporting recent state of affairs, like Trump and Bolsonaro.

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Demonstration Berlin 13.10.2018 #UNTEILBAR ~ UNDIVIDABLE According to the organization, 242,000 people attended the #UNTEILBAR demonstration on...

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