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Tijmen Sissing (27), born in the Netherlands, started his movement “The Trashpacker” November 2017. As he was filmed trashpacking a beach, he got picked up by local news in South-East Asia. This made him go viral, last June. Since then he’s been presented by the media, all across the globe.

Immense amounts of plastic

Grossed out by the immense amounts of plastic lying around everywhere in South East Asia, Tijmen decided to do something about it – clean it up.

Being forward and enthusiastic as he is, shortly he managed to form a community of “Trashpackers”. The Trashpacking Community will launch on Global Trashpacking Day, on the 8th of September.

Global Trashpacking Day

Trashpackers from all over the world will clean up as much trash as they can. The event will then be followed up by a promotional video, to gain more attention to the problem. Altogether 37 countries will be represented.

Long term

Surely, packing trash won’t provide us with the solution. The Trashpacking Community therefore aims for a sustainable change, educating the ones that are ignorant, converting those who are indifferent.

For more information, or to join the Trashpacking Movement, visit their website.

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